Monday, May 17, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

This is my first Menu plan Monday, actually I'm kinda new to the blogging thing in general.

So here it goes!

Monday - Beef Stroganoff Not sure if this is the real beef stroganoff. My version is with hamburger,noodles, can of cream of mushroom and some sour cream.

Tuesday - Stuffed PeppersHubby asked for this last week some time. Never made it before so hoping it turns out good.

Wednesday - Potato soup This is a new family favorite thanks to my friends Ladonna and Kim for giving me their recipes

Thursday - Spaghetti

Friday Pot Roast/ potato's n veggies

Saturday will be out all day Saturday Going to Children's museum and then to nephew birthday so Mommy doesn't have to cook :) yay!!!

Sunday Left overs I'm in the nursery and Hubs is leaving the next morning for three weeks so we will have leftovers or something easy

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